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Fast food (or quick-service) restaurants are great. The whole process takes less than ten minutes. Open for most – if not all – of the day’s 1,440 minutes, you can get your cheap burgers, subs, wings, burritos, or whatever at practically all ungodly hours of the night. Just don’t eat there every day. Or do it, whatever, it’s up to you.

Restaurants: Quick Service, Casual Dining, and More (Upscale)!

So I noticed the other day that The Wall Street Transcript had put out some interviews with stock experts all about the future of restaurant chains. It was interesting to see how the professionals’ thoughts lined up with mine. There are … Continue reading

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Burger King and McDonald’s are on Myspace. Kind of. Not Facebook.

Online social networking is popular. In the world of today, everyone with an internet connection is on some sort of social network. I don’t just mean Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc., but many websites have some social components that both registered … Continue reading

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Match-Up: Quiznos vs. Subway

The Quiznos Master LLC. Doctor’s Associates Inc. (aka Subway). Two private fast food chains specializing in delicious subs at reasonable prices. A battle as old as memory itself. Which toasty sandwich restaurant will withstand the tests of time and come to … Continue reading

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Burger King Holdings, Inc.: BKC

First, I just have to say that Burger King tastes much better than McDonald’s. If ever the two were right next to each other, I would head straight for the BK and not think twice. Unfortunately for me, there are … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Corporation: MCD

It is pretty obvious why McDonald’s is among the most successful companies in the fast food industry — it’s quick, it’s easy, and they have the Dollar Menu, which made cheap food even cheaper. Also they are just the most … Continue reading

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